The Rules of Blackjack for Dummies

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The game of blackjack is rather simple when one learns the card values, the difference between basic blackjack rules and casino blackjack rules, and the overall point of the game. Reaching a value of 21 cards is the ultimate goal, but as simple as that sounds, it can be challenging when playing against those who know the rules, AND how to use them to play for real money

Basic Rules of Blackjack

It's not just enough to get 21 without going over, the players are also competing against the dealer, who is playing against the entire table at the same time.

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Getting the dealer to bust is one of the goals of the game. The most basic blackjack rules are enough to get a person started, but they will need to learn other aspects of the game to become proficient.

You win by playing the dealer. All the other players are spectators as far as I'm concerned.

The Nuances of the Casino Game

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The rules of blackjack at the casino are usually the same, but the etiquette that players are expected to follow changes as clear and concise hand signals are encouraged to know whether the player wants to hit, stand, or perform another action within the game.

You won't take the house, not all the way. You might chip away at the edges and loot the fridge. But the moment you try and take the TV, that's when the house cleans you out and your car is repoed.


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